Empowered By Light and Heat

Using the same healthy light rays emitted by the sun, infrared sauna heats and transforms us from the inside out. This unique combination of light and heat has the power to heal, regenerate and upgrade our human performance unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Cellular Health

Infrared sauna turbo-charges the health, vitality of our cells, and the neurological systems that empower the highest levels of human performance. Healthy cells increase athletic performance, fitness, and our overall health.

Weight Loss

The energy required by the body in response to the heat levels of an infrared sauna can burn several hundred calories in just 30 minutes. More importantly, in the process of detoxification, we destroy fat cells and induce weight loss.

Stress Relief & Resiliency

The release of endorphins following an infrared sauna session is perhaps the most relaxing sensation we will experience in a given day. Repeated exposure to infared sauna can prevent protein degradation and muscle loss and reduce cortisol.

Heart Health

Consistent use of an infrared sauna can dramatically strengthen your heart and enhance longevity. Studies show that spending time in the sauna 2-3 times a week can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease and high blood pressure.

Athletic Recovery

Infrared sauna dramatically enhances performance by triggering significant increases in growth hormone, heat shock proteins and red blood cell count. The increasing blood flow and plasma volume while in an infrared sauna also increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the skeletal muscles to positively effect muscle mass (hypertrophy) and improve.

Pain Relief

Infrared heat therapy is used around the world to effectively treat chronic pain conditions, muscle spasms, tightness and arthritis. We often hear of lasting relief from aches, pains and soreness as well. Heavy sweating also has a lubricating effect on our joints and muscles. Blood flow heals our bodies, and infrared sauna is a more powerful tool than ice and atrophy.

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